Our Techniques

Diversified Adjustment

Manual manipulation of the vertebral segments from occiput to sacrum. There is a specific directional, short impulse, intensive movement to the spine, to accomplish mobilization and repositioning of the vertebra.


Logan Basic

Logan Basic is a chiropractic technique developed by Hugh Logan, D.C. Dr. Logan believed that health problems are caused by distortions of the body. All distortions of the body ultimately have their origins in distortions of the spinal column. When the body is distorted, strain and abnormal energy flows develop in tissues and organs, causing decreased vitality.

Changes in normal body chemistry also result, as organ physiology is affected and the body's ability to remove waste products through the circulatory system is compromised by strained or flaccid muscles. The body's ability to withstand stress and resist disease is diminished. In Logan Basic, malalignment of the sacrum is believed to be the root cause of all distortions. Returning the sacrum to normal position and to normal articulation with adjacent portions of the pelvis and lumbar spine allows the body to eliminate distortions and return to more normal functioning.


Toggle Recoil

This is very famous technique which adjusts only upper cervical spine (C1 or C2) according to the so called "Hole In One Theory".

Hole In One Theory: An idea that major subluxation would be found on upper cervicals in many cases. Sherman College was teaching only this technique since its establishment until quite recently.


Gonstead Technique

Dr. C. Gonstead established X-ray analysing method to judge displacements of spinal segments and pelvic. He advocated that a vertebra can displace to posterior first of all. This idea is much different from diversified technique. This technique is based upon major subluxation and physiological function of the intervertebral disk, and uses an orthodox manipulative procedure. But there are not many experts in this technique because it is quite difficult to master this technique.

He has built the largest chiropractic clinic in U.S. on Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, which has seminar rooms, an airport for cessna, and a motel.